How to Apply for Housing Loan From BDO

Move in to your desired home much sooner with BDO Home Loan.

Various Home Loan Options
Apply for BDO Home Loan to help you finance your various housing needs. Purchase or construct your new home, renovate your existing home, or if you simply want another property for investment. Visit your nearest BDO Branch for more details.

Eligibility Requirements

Filipino citizen or foreigner (see Visa requirements)
At least 21 years old but not exceeding 65 years old upon loan maturity
Minimum gross family income of P50,000.00/month.
Stable source of income from employment or business
If employed, at least 2 years with current company
If self-employed, at least 2 consecutive successful and profitable years of operation.
Document Requirements

Basic Documents

Signed BDO application form
Clear copy of 1 valid ID matching application details
Marriage Contract, if applicable
For foreigners, photocopy of Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) showing Visa status as permanent immigrant or Alient Employment Permit (AEP) or Visa ID
Income Documents

If locally employed

Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) or W2, and
Latest 3 months payslips or Certificate of Employment with salary breakdown
If employed abroad (or Asenso Kabayan borrowers)

Latest 3 months proof of remittance, or
Latest 3 months payslip, or
Certificate of Employment or Employment Contract duly autheticated by Philippine Consulate Office, or
For seamen, latest Crew Contract and employment history or Crew Contract and Exit Pass from POEA
If self-employed

Business Registration Papers (Certificate of Registration from DTI or SEC, Articles of Partnership or Articles of Incorporation, whichever is applicable)
Latest Audited Financial Statements for the last 2 years with lastest ITR
Bank Statements (latest consecutive 3 months)
Trade References: List of Suppliers and Customers (at least 3 each) or List of Affliated Hospitals/Clinics (for doctors)
Lease Contracts and copy of title (for income derived from rental)
Types of Acceptable Visa for Foreigners

Quota or Non-Quota Immigrant Visa:
Alien spouse of a Filipino citizen (Sec 13A Visa)
– Natural-born Filipinos married to an Alien (Sec 13D Visa)
– Returning Resident (Section 13E Visa)
– Natural-born Filipinos naturalized in foreign country (Sec 13G Visa)

Photocopy of Special Retiree’s Resident Visa (SRRV) or Quota/Preference Immigrant Visa
Permanent Resident Status and working Visa granted by Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA)
Working Visa issued to Embassy Officials
Collateral Documents

Photocopy of TCT / CCT
Lot Plan with Vicinity Map certified by a Geodetic Engineer
Master Deed of Declaration of Restrictions (for condominiums)
Additional Documents:

For Construction Loan

Building Plan or Floor Plan
Bill of Materials and Labor Cost
Building Specifications certified by Architect/Civil Engineer
For Refinancing or Loan Take-out

Statement of account and official receipts for the last 3 months

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