How to Deal with Bad Neighbors

Not everyone is lucky when it comes to having a good neighbor. A bad neighbor is defined as someone who is noisy, blows horn in the middle of the night, vandalizes, dumps dead leaves into your backyard, etc. In other words, a bad neighbor is associated with any behavior that has negative impact on your daily living. Read on the following tips on how to deal with bad neighbors.

1. Approach your neighbor. Verbalize your concerns politely. Know the situation first before deploring. After all, your neighbor might be oblivious that he is already causing noise or disturbance in neighborhood.

2. Consider leaving a note. If you are not good at talking over the problem personally, drop out a friendly note expressing your concern or wishes. It is your discretion however if you will leave your contact number on it to discuss further the problem.

3. Consult your problem to your landlord. If you are living in a apartment with loud-mouth neighbors, address your concern to your landlord as he might send a stern warning against tenants who do not observe ?quite time? especially during sleeping hours. This is also applicable if your tenant’s daily activities take toll on your health; for example, smoking just in front of your door or yelling in the middle of the night triggers your bouts of anxiety.

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4. Do your own thing. Do not just go to authorities without exerting personal efforts to mitigate or rectify the bad situation. For instance, when your neighbor is creating unnecessary noise in the middle of the night, play a soothing, ambient music. There is also a home appliance called ‘white noise machine’ which help masks disturbing noise by creating gentle, rushing sound of air. Using earplugs is also a great alternative.

5. Talk to higher authorities. If your personal move, do not work and your neighbor threatens you in any way, it is best to call the police to protect you and keep you away from any potential harm.

6. Form alliance with other affected neighbors. Especially in apartments and close-contact houses, the problem with your bad neighbor is possibly not only affecting you but also other nearby neighbors. See if your neighbors are willing to put up a discussion or open forum with the neighbor at fault. Make it a polite discussion where everyone can speak up, suggest and commend a solution to the problem.

7. Move out. This is not a highly recommended advice but if other options are not working and you just want to end the menace, considering moving in a more quiet and more peaceful place. Having said this, it pays to do a background check of the neighborhood when checking out new place to move in.

Note: Any scandalous activity of your nearby residents can go to court especially when you have explicit evidences (e.g photos, videos, sounds, documents) against your neighbor at fault.

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